"He has shown you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God."
Micah 6:8

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sadie Bella Loktung Hirschberg and our adoption journey video!

Today we went to Family Court to finalize our adoption of Sadie.  Praising the Lord right now!  We had a wonderful morning.  Our court time was at 9am and when we walked into a room full of babies, children, moms and dads we thought for sure we were going to be there for quite some time.  Much to our surprise and delight we were the first.  We walked into the court room and I was a little nervous, so much so that when asked with my right hand on the bible I said the wrong middle name...(oh dear)it wasn't a big deal at all.  The judge was THE nicest person.  He was a born again believer and really interacted with each of our children and addressing each of them by name without them even introducing themselves.  He definitely studied up on our home study report;) He really made me feel comfortable, me being nervous was...well...just me being me...lol.

As he asked me a couple of questions I felt the tears welling up inside as I so happily said yes!! Yes she will be treated like each of my other children and Yes she will have all the privileges they have and Yes she will be treated no differently than if I gave birth to her.  Yesss yess yes!

That was it! We were in and out in 15 minutes...then off to celebrate with a yummy breakfast.

We Praise the Lord for his goodness to us!  We have learned so much throughout this amazing journey.  Is it all roses, absolutely not but we didn't sign up for that and He doesn't ever promise that.  But He does promise to be with us each step of the way and for that we can certainly testify to.  Amen and Amen!!

She now is a US citizen which is wonderful.  But more then that our prayer is that she will one day trust in Jesus and her citizenship will be one with eternal rewards!

Here is our adoption journey on video!!! Thank you so much to Jon Gangwer who used his God given talents to help us and made the video for us.  We love it and will cherish it Jon, thank you!
(please scroll down to pause music)

grammy and mom-mom got to witness and be a part of the day too!


  1. Crying as I read your WONDERFUL on news!!!!!!! So amazing your journey and the incredible end!! I am just truly overjoyed and my heart jumps for you!! Definitely reminds me of my adoption 25 years ago on December 24th!!
    <3 Brianna Beall

  2. oh my...buckets of tears of joy out here. so great. so wonderful. so fabulous. so, so, so....well, you know.
    whoop. whoop. yeah, baby!

  3. I cried about the whole way through! So beautiful! So happy for all of you! Love Love Love!

  4. Loved your video A TON!!!! My favorite part is when your man says..he wants to get into heaven with an empty tank. I LOVE THAT!!!! Thanks for sharing. I shared your video on my facebook..I hope that is ok...just loved it way too much!

  5. So, so very happy for all 7 Hirschbergs! Rejoicing with you. Joan Borton

  6. She is such a cutie! I'm glad it's finally official! Congrats!

  7. Congratulations! It is so wonderful having it finalized isn't it! What more could you ask for for Christmas. The video is great as well! You have such a beautiful family and Sadie couldn't be any cuter! Have a great Christmas!

  8. BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for sharing your story with us. And congratulations on a beautiful addition to your beautiful family!!

  9. oh my gosh cayte i made it through the video without crying until you brought her home and the kids opened the door to the van and your son got emotional...i lost it!! such a blessing for all of you!! thank you for sharing your beautiful heart and this beautiful journey to getting sadie <3 can't wait to see more of your journey together as a family =)

  10. I just posted your video on my facebook page...everything you said mirrors our adoption journey so much!!! What a beautiful video! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Just spent the last 40 minutes reading through much of your blog. LOVE the video! Sadie is adorable!